COVID-19: Policies to Protect People and Communities

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and people are forced to stay home, workers are losing their jobs, health care systems are being stressed, local businesses are at risk of closing permanently, and the country is bracing for recession. The crisis has laid bare the inequities and injustices that threaten people’s well-being, safety, and lives.

Amid these uncertain and challenging times, we are asking and answering: How can the nation respond in the short term to keep all people safe and the economy afloat? What policies could help all of us recover in a way that is inclusive and equitable? And how can families and communities become more resilient to global health, economic, climate, and other shocks, even as we seek to prevent them from happening again?

IMC was built on the premise of love, family, relationships, and community. We truly recognize that this is a difficult and challenging time for us all. As part of our family, we encourage you to practice safe social distancing as each and every one of us, together, while far apart, can make a difference as a whole community.

We will be updating this page regularly in an effort to provide clarity, insight, and evidence-based solutions to our customers for our business as this global crisis evolves. During this time we are committed to supporting and serving you. Connect with us on social media and explore our content to keep things fun and educational. Feel free to contact our Customer Support Team for any order and/or product-related inquires via the Contact Us page or below:

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Please allow 12-24 hours on normal business days for a response from Customer Service Representative (excluding Statutory Holidays in the United States of America and Canada).

Is IMC Still Shipping Orders?
Yes! We are still taking and shipping orders.

Is it still SAFE to receive an order from IMC?
Yes! Our team is working from home, whenever and wherever possible. Our facilities and warehouses are undergoing daily, stringent, sanitizing procedures which are all in according to the CDC guidelines. All workers are implementing SAFE “social distancing” practices to be extra safe while remote or while on-site at one of our facilities. If you’re concerned about the safety of receiving a box in your home, the World Health Organization has more info on the topic here:

Will shipping and/or order fulfillment times be affected?
Unfortunately, some customers may experience shipping delays due to reduced services with certain carriers. Please anticipate longer than normal processing and shipping times. For some international orders, please reference specific delays and/or suspensions as per the carriers websites. Please retain that these delays, if anticipated, or occurred, are for your own safety.

Together, while far apart, we will get through this.