The many dangers of purchasing counterfeit products, especially with Hair Care, Skincare and Cosmetics, is an immediate risk, not only to our industry, but directly to you, the consumer, and your health. The sole purpose of counterfeit operational rings in skincare and cosmetics is to produce low quality products, with cheap, illegal, and harmful ingredients. Ingredients which have been found to contain lead, bacteria, human feces, arsenic, and mercury can cause adverse damage to your body and overall health in many ways with severe reactions. Please refer to the below referenced links for a follow-up, detailed read on counterfeit skincare and beauty products and their adverse impacts:

In order to protect our brand and our customers, we've put together a list of Authorized Resellers below:



(United States of America, Canada, and Mexico)

  • (Canada) – Official Verified Storefront: COMING SOON
  • (Mexico) – Official Verified Storefront: COMING SOON

CONSUMER WARNING: We strongly recommend that You do not purchase products from any online website or boutique stores other than the ones listed above.  We strongly advise consumers to especially not purchase from the following locations, as they are unauthorized and known counterfeit selling platforms:

  • (Any Unofficial Verified Seller not listed Above)
  • Bonanza
  • DHGate
  • eBay
  • Glambot
  • Mercari
  • Poshmark
  • Souq
  • Wish App
  • Street Vendors and/or Flea Markets and Wholesale Liquidation Markets
  • Online Marketplace(s) and/or Social Media profiles such as INSTAGRAM and/or FACEBOOK accounts that are not official representations of INSTA MAKEOVER COSMETICS CORPORATION as indicated above.