IMC Cosmetics is an exclusive lifestyle, modern luxury makeup beauty Brand. We believe in addressing your complexion concerns while covering up imperfections and playing up your best features. Our ingredients channel the nourishing power of nature through the fusion of botanical regimens and present trends and technologies to provide easy and effective beauty solutions. We bring you the best of nature through our purest and most nurturing products without toxins or harmful chemicals.

IMC COSMETICS is targeted towards clients with a primary purpose: to eliminate confusion and struggles to find the perfect matching foundation shade and reduce the time for application combined with the benefits of everyday skincare needs. The market demands an INSTANT solution for all skin tones and types, especially for foundations that must be mixed, matched, and blended to achieve the perfect complexion. VOILE DE VISAGE FULL COVERAGE MATTE FOUNDATION has been explicitly formulated in 40 shades to give you the exact color you’ve always been seeking, keeping in mind all demographically variant skin undertones, different types of people, and their beautiful skin colors.